Getting ready for Christmas

Sunday, 15 December 2013

In an effort to get ready for the upcoming holidays and numerous family members congregating at my place, I've been on an epic cleaning spree since yesterday... In a normal household that would usually involve getting rid of fur bunnies, cat hair on chairs and sofas, dusting every last corner and cranny... and West German pottery... etc etc.

As these things usually go around here, after a while, I tend to get rather bored with these mundane undertakings. 
Enter the little "rearranging demon" whispering tempting suggestions into my ear, like "uuuhh I bet the vases would look a million times better on the other end of the sideboard", or " Hhmm, remember that amazing photo Anna from Door16 posted the other day, with the awesome artwork styled in an even awesomer way ? I bet you could vastly improve your art assemblage"...  

So that's what I did. Although I'm obviously nowhere near of attaining the level of stylishness in Anna's photo !

As everything else in the room is already so colourful, I decided to group my more monochrome artwork together : Eduardo Chillida print, Bold & Noble London type map and The Small Stakes bike & cats print. Plus some African masks and my Habitat string wall decoration.

Also I'm quite tempted of purchasing and framing some MCM record covers to add to the whole... Or maybe that would be too much. I don't know. 

Hanging art is hard !

So anyway. The Morris Louis print (formerly above the sideboard) now lives in the hall, where the Charley Harper print used to be.

And speaking of Charley Harper... that print is now amongst the Cadovius shelves.

Musical art... 

Ok. These got nothing to do with art or cleaning... Just wanted to show off the massive macramé plant holder I managed to get my hands on...  Yay ! More fibers ! More plants !

And Wally enjoying a bit of sunshine amidst the succulents.

Now tell me. How are your Christmas plans progressing ?


  1. We got a teeny tiny tree because NO SPACE! But it's so cute that I am inclined to adopt a "tiny tree" tradition. ;) Your living room is looking great, as it always does!

  2. love the kittehs on bikes, happy holidays to you and your clowder!

  3. I love all of your red west germany vases, they're just so red and beautiful!

  4. Your place looks gorgeous- as always!! Such a good thing to do some rearranging, that always sheds some new light on things. Things tend to get too static over here, I wish I had your bug:-) Your tree looks wonderful with all the red WG!!

  5. wow, i really loving the way you are doing a great work.. :) Lost and found

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