Sunday, 3 November 2013

Uh oh. 

What started out as a simple declutter and cleaning weekend, turned all of a sudden into a full blown redecorating venture, with everything in the living room gettting switched around and where I somehow ended up with a sample of Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue on my bathroom wall... Hhmm, but that's another story.

Let's take a tour ! 

The sitting area is now in the back of the room...

The cats definitely approve the new set-up. With easy access the back of the sofa, they have discovered a whole new area to scratch...

Some things never change though. West German pottery collection still out of control...

But the dining table is now close to the window...

...with my Pastoe trolley finally coming into it's own...

... and a recent thrift find in action !


Well, at least the living room is now decluttered and clean !


  1. It looks so good. Fresh and bright and cosy. Lovely.

  2. love your home and the cats.

    the color is great

  3. Good job!! Your home is looking fabulous as always!! I should seriously consider some rearranging, things become static around here... I'm doing baby steps, starting with my credenza to make room for the Festivos. Your WG collection looks stunning put together in that large group. I really love that black wall with the plate! And everything else too:-) Stiffkey blue is an amazing color, I hope you'll show it when it's done?

  4. Lovely home!
    Your cat is so cute.
    I found you through Letitia's blog

    1. Watson likes to think he's cute too ;-)
      Welcome Sonia ! But who's Letitia ?

  5. Hello everyone and thank you for all your lovely comments !
    I admit, I'm quite pleased with myself and the new set-up :-) You can't really tell in the photos, but the sitting area is really missing a rug... I had to put the last one into storage after it became a regular weeing (and pooing - ahem Flo I'm looking at you) pad for the cats... Maybe another Ikea cowhide... I still have one in the bedroom, it's fairly low maintenance and - most importantly - doesn't prompt the kitties to bahave inappropriately !
    Anyway, Stiffkey Blue... hhmm, not convinced in the context of my bathroom. Stone Blue maybe ?

  6. You've got lots of good bits of stuff.
    I love "stuff".

  7. Love your livingroom! And your great collection of W-Germany vases!

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