Mirror, Mirror...

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Home projects continue to be slow and far apart.

Being back in school does have its perks though. Like getting an extra day off last week in honor of the "Fête de la Communauté Française", the main funding organism of french-speaking education institutions in Belgium.
Needless to say that when I still worked as a legal secretary for various American and British law firms, we were never granted a holiday on that day...

Why am I mentioning this ? Because I used that unexpected day off (and the beautiful weather) to indulge in my favourite open-air activity : rummaging through the Brussels flea market ! And of course, I didn't leave empty handed.

Lately, I seem to be set on finding mostly sunburst mirrors. After scoring that oval one at a local antiques store (for a mere 10 eur), my trip to the flea market saw me coming back with the very ornate (and probably slightly kitsch), top left specimen. Still at 20 eur, I didn't hit my budget too hard and it actually goes nicely with the four others.

At the rate I'm going that wall should be covered in no time.


  1. Loving the mirrors, they look brilliant! I like the grouping of things onto a wall... something we do ourselves. Mainly because we have so much stuff, it has to go somewhere! Emma :)

  2. That's lovely - I love any sun/starburst shaped frames!


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