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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Things have been kinda slow around here - decorating wise at least. School has started again and studying for my programming classes is taking up most of my energy these days (I'm learning PHP and ASP.Net if anybody's interested).

Plus, I've declared a spending freeze after living way above my budget for most of 2011. No more ebay this month and so far, I've done pretty good.

Of course, that doesn't mean I've become a total thrifting abstainer. And when I come across an incredible deal, I might just be tempted enough to go for it.

Like these wonderful Arabia Finland storage jars - 20 eur for the three of them. Yes, 20 eur !

I'd never even seen the gooseberry pattern before this find.

Which brings me to another amazing Arabia find. This one already dates back a few months, but since it's the same range of ceramics and the price was even more mindblowing, I think it's about time I give it some attention.

So, I dug up this ceramic board from the bottom of a box of junk at the Brussels flea market. And paid... 3 eur for it !

It's not really serving any purpose other than decorating this little area next to the kitchen sink. But a vignette like this makes doing the dishes just so much more pleasant.

The Scandinavian theme even extend to the soap holder...

I brought this Figgjo Flint dish back from the UK earlier this year. I think I paid something like 10 gbp for it. It's from the Turi 'market' series which is one of my favourite FF designs.

And while I'm at it, let me also present the latest in a long line of Scandi finds. A cast-iron candle holder from Dansk Designs - which I think is actually a US brand (correct me if I'm wrong).

Love those spikes !

And look. It even came complete with its original box. That and the fact that it's in near perfect condition gladly made me cough up 25 eur for it.

And you ? An interesting finds lately ?


  1. Oh nice, I love Vintage apples :-)

  2. love arabia! great find! i have one with the orange!

  3. I love arabia
    good price
    I will be in touch ,thinking of coming to Bruessel again

  4. congratulations for the lucky finds :)

  5. Some amazing Arabia finds here - don't think I've ever found anything by them for a bargain. Erm... best find recently... probably a stack of DIY magazines from the '70s which are fairly entertaining to look through! Emma

  6. Amazing finds! I'm envious! Love all of your finds!

  7. Hello all and thank you for your lovely comments. Sorry about being AWOL for the moment...
    CaRaJo - Me too !
    Kay - just sent you an email. Finally...
    Emma - can't win all the time :-)
    Lisa - What ?! YOU are envious ? Have you seen all the amazing (and cheap !) things you find at your flea markets ?


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