Ebay Craze II

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Last time, I told you all about my tallest WGP purchase. This time it's all about the smallest one yet.

This teeny-tiny vase was picked up during last month's ebay frenzy. It's a Scheurich and at a whooping 7 cm, the smallest West German pottery I've ever come across.

I've decided to streamline the kitchen as much as possible, so the green collection (plus the white vase with matching pattern) is now living in the bedroom. I even squeezed in one of the green Eames chairs for good measure.

Flo couldn't care less.


  1. did you got to fat lava in Amsterdam ( have a look at my blog)

  2. We've got a teeny tiny collection on the go too - there's something very sweet about them! Emma

  3. Hello everyone ! Thank you for all your lovely comments.
    Kay - unfortunately I didn't make it to Amsterdam for the fat lava exhibition. Mostly because of last month spending spree on ebay...
    But I'm currently on holiday in the UK and am happy to report that thrifting and shopping in general is going well :-;

  4. Green and white is one of my favourite colour combos. Gorgeous.


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