Planter bonanza

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm unstoppable.

And borderline in need of clinical help.

Oh boy, am I a sucker for vintage planters. Never saw one that I could resist... So here it goes.

This massive specimen found its way home through ebay. I can't remember the exact price, but it was well under 20 eur (including shipping). And let me tell you, this puppy is HUGE and heavy. And of course deliciously bright red.

It was sold to me as being Belgian. From Amphora Perignem. But it's not marked in any way. I'm wondering if it's not a WGP instead.

Now this one is unmistakably West German. And it was only 1 eur. Score !

Less bawdy. But adorable 70s pop design. Also West German and also a steal at 1 eur.

Neutral fat lava at its best. And very decently priced - 2 eur.

And finally, a tiny little red fella. The only thing that made it back from a recent forage to the Brussels flea market. It was a disproportionate 4 eur, but really I didn't want to come home empty handed...


  1. Love those planters too! Adorable!

  2. You're on a roll with the planters too!

  3. Hi, the top one is definitely WGP, made by Fohr! Emma

  4. LOVE your WGP collection....I heart WGP!! Yum.


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