Desk chair quest

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Over the years, I've gone through an incalculable number of desk chairs. None of them seemed quite right. Too hard, not enough back support, too cold... Finding the right desk chair isn't an easy feat.

Here's a little recap.

Eames for Herman Miller.

Bertoia for Knoll.

High end names and brands or not, they all proved disppointing on a daily basis.

So this afternoon, enter the 36 eur ebay version.

An anonymous 70s design, but already my tush is feeling the difference (I'm sitting on it right now). The seat cushion is deliciously cozy and comfy.

Mr. Watson seems to approve as well.

Some gratuitous additional photos of my 'work' space.

Here's Watson again. The only downside to this chair might turn out to be, that I actually gonna have to fight him for it...


  1. Wow! I like them all :-)

  2. I like all those chairs too, although I have often wondered about whether or not I'd actually find a Bertoia comfortable...but so beautiful!

  3. i like them all too but the new one is my favorite. glad its so comfy too!

  4. All the chairs look nice @ your desk. I have two questions... hope you can/ will answer :)
    From where is your big white planter, and on your balcony at the back, is it rhubarb? Thank you! And good luck by reclaiming your chair!

  5. Hello, it's the perfect proof that style and good taste does not always depends on income.

    Bye the way, I like your cat - come and visit a twin brother of "Watson" on my blog

    The name of the castle lord is Oskar and he allows us to live with him.

  6. i like them all. but this one for sure looks more comfy. and it appears that your cats totally agree with me. you are going to have to share!

  7. Hello all and thank you for you lovely comments ! I'm happy to report that I'm still enjoying the chair very much. And so is Watson. So much so, that he's currently squeezed in between my bum and the backrest... No comment.
    Lavalotti - I find the Bertoia very comfortable (much more than the Eames chairs for instance), but unfortunately not enough to support my extensive computer surfing habit.
    Katja - the white planter is simply Ikea. From their Kardemumma range, with wich I'm totally in love :-) And yes, that is rhubarb on the balcony. But it's looking a bit sad at the moment. I need to feed it some compost. Poor thing!

  8. Thanks! Saw the planter yesterday @ Ikea. Love your place!

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