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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Does this ever happen to you ? You're in the middle of some major projects, crazy busy, and then all of a sudden you just seem to attract more and more projects, like a magnet...

Well, this is what happened to me anyway. I'm up to my chin in the kitchen and hall mess, and boom! new ideas keep rushing into my head. Uh, let's do some spring cleaning. Oh, let's get rid of some stuff on ebay. Uh, while I'm at it, let's check what's on offer on ebay this week. Uh oh, a 50s wardrobe for only 25 eur starting bid and not much interest from the ebay community ? Ah, let's follow that bid and see what happens...

Well, this is what happend (amongst other things).

Ta-da. My new (old) wardrobe. Of course, everything else got put on hold while I was busy dismantling, collecting, carrying, reassembling, cleaning, polishing, oiling and filling this thing up.

Because let's face it. New ebay purchases are soooooo much more interesting than dealing with paint, tape and brushes...

While I'm at it, let me also show you the other side. The second Tomado/beside-table is finally up. Remember ? It's from this ebay score way back in November. And I even found some artsy string thingy at Habitat to go over the bed.

Now, at this point you're probably wondering what the 'progress' title is all about ? I mean so far, it's all looking like it's neatly coming together - notwithstanding some tidying up of course.

Hhhmm, not so hasty. Here's what's lurking against the black wall.

The elephant in the room... very unfortunate.

And see how it's attracting all sorts of messes left and right ?

I'm so happy when this beast will finally be gone. I sold it to a thrift store in my area and they're coming by tomorrow morning to pick it up. They better not be late. I've got a lot of tidying, hoovering, cleaning and general decorating to do in here.

Plus, I really want to put the new Ikea rug in place. The one that's still in a roll, leaning against the wardrobe in the first picture. Ugh, I'm soooooooo curious to see how the room will look.


  1. You can't predict your creativity.. so enjoy it (:

  2. The new wardrobe looks amazing! I love the sheen of the finish.

  3. Natalie - I'm certainly having fun at the moment upgrading my decor !!!

    VisuaLingual - I think so too ! I still can't believe my luck about this 25 eur ebay score...


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