Thrift find

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

While I’m busy slaving away, repainting the kitchen and the dreaded hall closet, I thought I’d keep you guys entertained with some pics of one of my latest thrift store finds.

A lovely wooden antelope found at Les Petits Riens for 4 eur. Initially priced at 5 eur, they were doing winter sales though, thus the 20% discount. I certainly won’t complain.

It has two 'injured' legs and was positively filthy, but a thorough washing and some awesome eco-friendly furniture oil did the trick.

I do however apologise to my trusted readers about doing a very sloppy dusting job. I obviously forgot to clean that corner right behind the lamp… Unfortunately, since then most of the contents of the hall closet and kitchen got dumped into the living room, making it impossible to do a more thorough cleaning, let alone take some new photos.

Anyway, stay tuned for some sexy “before” and “after” kitchen-hall-action coming up soon.


  1. I adore the antelope and will be looking forward to the sexy before and after kitchen - hall action.

  2. Lovely! Found something similar in a thrift store a while back. Yours looks great beside the lamp!


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