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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Let me give you a hint. This is NOT June...

Flo !

That's what I called this adorable little cat girl. It's German for flea. Not because she's a major fleabag, but as a reference to her size. She's so tiny, especially compared to some of my boys.

I found her stranded in exactly the same spot as Watson - the very narrow and deep next door courtyard. And despite my best efforts to not let her reel me in, she has now taken up residence with us.
I tried several times to put her back up on the courtyard walls, so she could get home, but she kept jumping back down and following me. And in the end, I simply could not let a starving and crying kitten stay out in the cold... Yeah, I'm such a sucker!

I just can't believe how tiny she is. I really must try and get a picture of her and Charlie together. She's like a third of him.

Oh well. It's official. I've become a crazy cat woman. Or rather a crazy cat LADY ! Sounds more distinguished.

PS. Ok, I'm still stalling as regards the hall and kitchen redo. But I'm getting there, I swear. Everything just takes ten times more time than planned...


  1. Even though i a more a dog person I have to admit this kitty is adorable!

  2. Okay, this is simply an overwhelming amount of cuteness for a fellow crazy cat lady like me to deal with. Floh looks exactly like our Womble did as a kitten! Good for you for saving her, off the streets no less. Oh, and that painting in the background is very cool as well.

  3. I. do. need. a. third. cat. Flo is cute! Are the cats getting along?

  4. Flo is so adorable! That's great that you were able to rescue her! We rescued our kitty, too.

  5. Hello guys. I'm happy to report that things have been surprisingly peaceful so far. Watson must have felt a bit outnumbered with all the 'black panthers' ruling the place and consequently peed on my bed - twice... But that was a month ago and since then everybody seems to have gotten used to each other.
    Lavalotti - reading your comment made me realise that I don't master my own mothertongue anymore. Of course, in German Floh is spelled with an H at the end... But hell, I think I'll keep the 'abbreviated' name ;-)


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