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Thursday, 30 December 2010

I have never taken grey walls into serious consideration. In fact, I have expressed vehement opposition to this colour on more than one occasion. Comparing it to the dullest of Belgian weather. Boring. Sad. Deplorable. In one word: grey.

That is until I spotted this...

Found via Desire to Inspire.

Wow, this photo just blows my mind. I don't know what's more amazing, the green light, the red chairs, the painting over the stove... It's retro, it's eclectic, it's everything I like. And the grey walls make it look so classy !!!

Kids, hold on to your panties. My kitchen is in for one hell of an overhaul.

PS. Since I still haven't announced a winner, I guess my giveaway is still ongoing ;-) Check it out here.


  1. beautiful! i also never thougt i could like grey on walls.

  2. Do it, you'll love it! I painted our kitchen gray a year ago due to some inspiration from Living etc. and have never regretted it. It does look elegant and it is so easy to combine with other colours (which always stand out very nicely against it.) Also makes a great backdrop to the colourful pottery we are so fond of :-)


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