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Friday, 17 December 2010

Dear readers (if there are any left).

Fear not. A blogging comeback is imminent. I can feel it.

But yes, during the last months I have mostly been idle. Just a few small project here and there. Few and far appart. Like this.

This is what my front door used to look like. Before I started working on the hall, more than six months ago...
And this is the Ikea Spontan magnetic board. Purchased about six months ago as well...

Now with the help of my good friend Laura I finally managed to bring the two together.

Normally the Spontan board is supposed to be drilled into the wall with srews. But since I wanted the board to go up on the door - which is a hollow-core construct from the 50's by the way - I could hardly see myself drilling into it. So my friend suggested gluing the whole thing up.

Now we did not use super-glue for this, but rather something called "colle de montage" (construction glue) that Laura had left over from her house reno. This type of glue is used by professionals to stick together almost any construction materials. In fact, most of our houses here in Belgium are probably only holding up because of this concoction.

Anyway, Laura really applied herself and skillfully spread the glue.

And voilà ! After only a few minutes of pressing the board against the door, everything is securely in place.

Of course I also got some Spontan magnets in red and white to go with the board.

And there you have it. Improved front door and new board ready to hold all sorts of loose papers.

PS. Don't forget the giveaway right here. If you would like to win a set of vintage BFK bowls, all you need to do is leave a comment. I prolonged the deadline and I am going to announce the winner somewhere in early January, instead of mid-December as initially planned. Sorry folks, I just can't face the queues at the post office right now. Yeah I know I totally suck...


  1. Great idea to put the magnetic board on your frontdoor! Love it!

  2. looks very cool! I'm constantly battling the coupon, mail, paper mess on our hallway table.

  3. this is awesome. is that little black alien/bug dude underneath?

  4. Love the magnetic board on your entry door!...Happy Holidays to you!...

  5. Thanks guys ! Brooklyn_codger : the little alien potato man was scratched off the door way back in May when I first painted it... I paid tribute to him here : http://fatcatbrussels.blogspot.com/2010/06/saying-good-bye.html


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