More West German pottery finds

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Let me introduce you to my long weekend thrift finds, brought to you exclusively from my mum's beautiful garden.

Pots also deserve a bit of sunshine and fresh air after living in this dark and musty thrift shop for so long.

As usual, I got mostly planters (5 white ones, 2 brown ones and one gorgeous blue one), but also an amazing floor vase and a super cute 70's peanuts dispenser. You can find details of all the pottery marks here. The price tags added up to over 30 EUR, but the super nice thrift shop lady let me leave with the whole lot for 25 EUR...

Close-up of the floor vase for your viewing delight.

This vase is actually an order for a very good friend of mine. I had spotted this vase months ago, told my friend about it and had promised to bring it back for her .Now I finally delivered ! Plus I am turning into a personal (thrift) shopper. YEAH !

Paper sticker, marks and signatures. Can anybody help me identify the manufacturer ?

Now this yummy petrol blue Übelacker planter I am keeping for myself :-) Again if anybody knows the name of the pattern, please do share.

And finally, the WMF peanuts dispenser. I had bid on some a couple of times on ebay, but was outdone each time. They usually go for much more than I am willing to pay. 5 EUR however... call it mine. Ha !


  1. I got lot""s of west german vases..guess you should come for coffee one day

  2. We have the peanut dispenser, too. It was my parents. They must have gotten it in Germany when we lived there in the early 70's. He's great. Glad you finally got one!


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