Spring gardening

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remember the window boxes I put together about 6 weeks ago ?

They are now in full bloom and I see a field of pansies and daffodils each time I look out the living room windows.

The clematis is also doing wonderfully. No flowers yet, but lots and lots of new growth.

And the crocosmia were doing ok as well, until one little black panther decided to sun-bath on them...

Now 8 hours later, I have a hell of a back ache ! Getting rid of the equivalent of three huge garbage bags of dead plants and earth, chopping down all that nasty ivy, sweeping and cleaning the whole balcony, planting lovely new plants (another clematis and more echinacea amongst others), weeding, grooming and fertilising all the remaining plants - is tiresome work !

Man, and now the weather is so nasty again, I don't even get to take some 'after' pictures.

But I can't resist showing this last one. The tiny black panther all refreshed after a day of sleeping in the sun, observing the exhausted and aching Fat Cat doing some blogging...

What did you get done this weekend ?


  1. Well, dear, j'ai jardiné aussi sous le regard suspicieux de mes voisin car c'est vraimmmenntt trop de bonne heure pour jardiner ici. Les anciens disent qu'il faut attendre après les grandes marées de mai. Visiblement, ils n'ont jamais entendu parler de changement climatique ;) Mais bon, pas de fleur encore, même pas de feuille au arbre...

  2. The flowers are so pretty! I just started growing basil myself. I like to buy picked flowers in Manhattan. Right now I want to grow veggies! But the flowers are fun too!


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