Living Room update

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ok. I have been promising photos of the living room ever since I started this blog.

It only took about six months, but here it goes. This is what it looked like until yesterday 8.00 am anyway. Boy, did I wake up productive ! And tonight a lot has changed. And it will again once I pick up Friday night's ebay win...

But Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado...

First impression, coming through the door.

The room is basically one big bland square. Now 'big' might be overstating it - with less than 25 m² it is rather on the tiny side. Especially since it holds a living area, dining room, "office" (that is if you count endless internet surfing as work), library and TV room all in one.

I have struggled
for the longest time to arrange all these different functions into an harmonious ensemble. Needless to say I am still not done.

You can also see that the fourth wall is actually one giant window, making it very difficult for the inept photographer that I am to capture this room - one part is always totally overexposed, while the other is in total darkness.

My vintage bookcases - bought two years ago on ebay for EUR 485. And have not regretted this once !

My hi-fi is almost as old as I am. I am not a big fan of 'modern' gadgets (as you can probably tell by my Amy Winehouse vinyl :-), but this will have to be replaced sooner rather than later. It's not working properly anymore. I have started dreaming of Tivoli...

This you have seen before, but have included it for documentary thoroughness.

On the right side when entering.

The sitting area.

And a few detail shots.

Windowsill 'vignette'. I just love having plants too much to ever keep my windowsills fashionably empty or minimal. This is where most of the Kardemumma planters ended up.

June's silhouette and Hedda Blad curtains - how sweet is that ?

My Oma's 50's armchair - styled up in the fire engine red Ikea Indira blanket. And the coffee table in need of a serious restoration.

Eames chairs around my old tired dining table - still can't believe my luck. And the mess on the table ? Hehe, all the parcels from my internet shopping spree during my sick week earlier this month...

So far so good.

Now for the problem zones.

I don't know what it is about this corner, but it's my own personal Pacific trash vortex - a f*cking gyre attracting and collecting every possible crap that just happens to be lying around.

Plus, as lovely as this antique bookcase is, it just doesn't go with the rest of the space. That, and I am having huge buyer's remorse...

And then the sitting space itself. For one year the sofa has been in this location and still I have not committed to hanging anything on the wall above ? Clue enough that something is off.

Just a personal reminder of how far I have come -
this is the same space just last summer.


  1. Nice job! J'irais bien prendre un thé pour admirer cette bibliothèque en personne, et les chaises, et écouter les vinyles et me faire expliquer le vortex Pacifique. C'est très joli, vraiment dommage que ce sois si loin.

  2. :-)))Merci Emilie !
    Mais attends ça va être encore mieux... J'ai des grands projets pour le long weekend de paques...

  3. Oh wow, it looks wonderful! And the Eames chairs, gorgeous. I just read your post about how you got them. It's crazy how expensive they are over this side of the Adlantic, isn't it? But worth it when you see how good they look. They fit so well in your apartment!
    I actually Eames saw chairs for the for the first time in Dublin this weekend. I'd love to get a rocker but it was almost €400! Ouch! I better start saving up now!

  4. Wow, it really has come a long way! (I just clicked over to the before pics.) It looks fantastic - you have so many great pieces. I can't get over those bookcases. What a score!

  5. Thanks very much Rachel Kay and From The Right Bank !

    Rachel Kay - I don't know if you saw Emilie's comment in the Eames chairs post (it is in French :-) ? She is in Canada and she just scored 6 black Eames Chairs for 15 USD each... I am speachless with envy.

    From The Right Bank - the 'before' pics show how my place looked during my crazy student days until about half a year ago. It took me a long time to start change things up... Ah my bokcases, YES, double YES ! Have not moved them around once in two years - the best sign that they are PERFECT :-)

  6. I love all the plants that you keep in your home. I'm trying to start up my own herb gardens.


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