Sunday, 10 January 2010

I am battling with my new rug in the living room. Yep, it's the infamous Ikea Koldby cowhide rug - EUR 199. Not exactly their cheapest product, but rugs are probably the only thing I would never buy vintage (just thinking of potential bodily fluid spills gives me the hives).

So I indulged - yet again.

And here it is. I love it ! It's beautiful, warm and totally politically incorrect... Only problem I have with it, is I am not quite sure which way to turn it.

Parallel to the couch ?

Perpendicular ?

Or diagonally ?

Hmm, I think I like the last one best. Less anal ?!


  1. That's tough one! I think I like the perpendicular arrangement, but I also like the diagonal one too!
    I'm also swooning over the beautiful chair in the background (the one with the cushion on it). It's gorgeous!

    I need a rug really badly. There's a huge space between the couches and the tv in my living room, but it's so hard to find one I like! But as it's the one thing I'd spend a little extra on, I think I'll wait until I find the right one, sooner than later I hope!

    Rachel Kay x

  2. Thanks for your input, guys ! I agree with you and for the moment I am keeping the rug diagonally.

    Rachel Kay, funny that you should like my chair so much. I am actually totally fed up with it and I can't wait to have it replaced by a fabulous Danish mid-century armchair. In my dreams...

  3. Well, I'd totally take it off your hands if you're fed up with it! ;)

    Rachel Kay x


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