Bedroom in-between

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jeez! This blog post was meant to be an "after" post waaaaaaaaay back in July, but has been so long in the making, it's now turned into an "in between" post. 

Yep, that's right. I already got a few improvements in mind.

More about that another time though. Let's do a quick tour before everything changes again.

So first big change I was supposed to blog about last year : I used the left-over paint from the living room to repaint the bedroom wall with my beloved Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue.
That's actually how it all started. I was finished painting the wall and was planning on putting the bed back into that nook. Job done ! But then I thought "Hhmm, hold on a minute. Those teak shelves would look really good against that colour...". And what was supposed to be a quick half a day refresh job turned into a full blown weekend long redecorating action.

Shelves, bed and a lot of the other furniture got swapped around, holes were drilled into walls, other holes were filled up, art and various other stuff was moved around. Everything was a mess...

And this is what it has all settled into.

Dude. Looking at it like that, I do have a lot of stuff (maybe I should do a clear out first before considering doing anymore changes ?). That cute little 1950s armchair from a few years ago is still going strong, despite the cats best efforts to stractch it to death.

I also hesitated about removing the Modko cat loo and Pastoe side table before taking any pictures. They're kind of randomly placed here, but then again, it's where they usually live... I haven't been able to find them a better place. So what the heck, might as well be true to reality on this old blog.

Moving over one wall. So this is where the shelves used to be and where I now sleep. Or try to, if the cats will let me...

Hhmm, somehow all the angles are weirdly crooked in this view, but I can assure you that all the walls here are straight. And so is the tapestry over the bed. I really loved having it in the living room, but after discovering this morning that the cats managed to scratch a hole in it (wtf ????), I quickly moved it over the bed. It's hanging a bit high, but hopefully it will stay out of the cats' reach that way.

And one more reality check btw. The bedroom door ! It has been that way for the better part of three (yes, three !) years, including the masking tape around it... I can be terribly lazy if I put my mind to it ! 

You can get a better look at my new ceiling lamp here.

But I mostly included this picture for future reference, as I'm planning to invest into a proper bedframe. A first for me after nearly 20 years of living on my own ! I'm not considering anything wildly fancy. And for the time being I'm mostly hesitating between these two Ikea options : the Mandal or the newly released Askvoll bedframe. Any thoughts, opions or suggestions in this regard are welcome.

I'm still in love with my Ikea Pax wardrobe though. A most excellent purchase !

I don't know if you've noticed but most of my furniture - including the desk - ended up right back where it was before the last big bedroom overhaul in December 2012. Ironic !

That cushion next to the plant is the cats favourite sleeping spot. You wouldn't imagine the amount of fighting that goes on over who gets to sleep there.

That's June's "don't mess with me" look !

This is also one area where I'm thinking of doing some changes in the near future. 

When Ikea had the good sense to relaunch some of their classic 1950s pieces, I fell in love with their amazing Lillbron low table. And I think I might have come up with the perfect spot for it ! Wouldn't it look wonderful under the window ? I can really imagine it there, with some plants and succulents... and the cats cushion of course !

In that case, I would probably need to get a smaller desk though.

We'll see...


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