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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Let me start by apologizing for this dreadfully lit picture. After a few days of sunny and warm weather, Brussels is back to its natural gloomy self and any interior photos might as well have been taken in November. Sigh.

Last month I blogged about craving more minimalism. Ok, this isn't it. Yet. Rather this is a first attempt to mix things up in the living room - material and style wise. To be honest, I'm a bit tired of the "all wood, all retro" look.

So bye bye Tomado shelves, hello Ikea sideboard ! It's sturdy, it holds a ton of stuff (so far mostly stuff I have to sell on ebay), it's beautiful, it's fairly cheap and it's amazingly easy to put together. And most importantly, it's made out of metal, it's white and it's a first step towards a brighter more minimal future...

My most faithful readers might remember that last summer I aquired an awesome fiber art piece for this corner. However in the long run it turned out to be just too brown for the living room. With all the wooden furniture, brown seemed to be the dominant colour in here... Anyway the fiber weawing thing has now moved to a happier spot in the bedroom. And here we are: room for new art !

Gosh, do you remember this fabulous sneak peek from Sweden back in 2009 ? I certainly do ! Please don't get me started on that fabulous bedroom or the awesome hall... Want, need, greed, drove me a bit crazy and I totally forked over an insane amount of money to this etsy seller to finally get my hands on an Olle Eksell eyes poster. Ok, it's not an original from the 1999 exhibition, but it's huge and it fits into a standard Ikea Ribba frame. Still the best kind of art, if you ask me.

Next step ? Find a new dining table. I'm dreaming of a sexy 70s smoked glass table. Or maybe a classic retro formica table ?

Decisions decisions...


  1. I love every single little detail in these pictrures. Including the cat. And this rarely - if ever happens in the www!

  2. Oh wow, I love your new corner! I have that same Ikea sideboard. I've had it for years and was actually considering throwing it out! Seeing it at your place, though, makes me wanna keep it:-) I adore your chrome lamp, I noticed it in your pics some time ago, it's so stunning!! I hear you on the 70s smoked glass, I love that too, I think I'm gradually sliding into the 70s. I'm craving an Ekornes Siesta side table with a smoked glass top and palisander legs, from the same series as my chair.... Always stuff to lust after, right?

  3. hello cat lady!

    i felt like i finally needed to join the conversation over here :)
    i've been (silently) reading you for several years now and i love every bit and piece of your style - and your pretty cats, of course

    all the best

  4. aww , this cat is looking so gorgeous. you have done a great work. Lost and found


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