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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Yes, things have been slow lately on the thrifting front. Mainly due to a self-imposed spending diet (more about that another time). But fear not ! In this household there's enough of a thrift find backlog to last us for a good long while...

Starting with my latest furniture buy, which I've been meaning to show off  for... uh oh... six months now. 

After loosing one of my favourite thrift finds to an unfortunate fall, I decided it was time to remove the open shelves from the kitchen and hunt down a display cabinet. I came across this cute little vintage number in an abandoned shop window. The new owners were trying to get rid of all the left-over stuff and were more than willing to accept a very reasonable offer and throw in a free delivery for good measure.

All my vintage treasures are now housed safely - and dust-free ! 

Side note. I had the interior glass shelves cut at a local diy-shop (the original ones were missing), but didn't think it properly through. So the new shelves are too thin and slightly sagging in the middle...  Oh well. 

Two "new-ish" Figgjo Flint finds. I think the little lady collecting mushrooms is particularly cute. I've never seen this design before. Do you know if it can be found on other Figgjo Flint objects ?

Another thrift find from last year. A cute little watering can from the Brussels flea market that was a mere € 1.

I'm also very happy to finally have found the right spot for the Krakatoa poster. I've owned this poster for years and had it mostly tucked away in a cupboard (except for one brief appearance in the living room).

I'm less happy however about the rest. As much as I love the Arabia year plates and the  Caroline Gaedechens drawing, I don't think the combination of them is working out. Art is soooo hard !

No new West German pottery vases. But I thought I'd end on some kitty love.


  1. Purrrfect :-) - and not only the cats! I've been looking for exactly such a cabinet for a long time now!

    1. Yeah I know... my ideal is still Merle's treasure trove...

  2. Your new cabinet is stunning!! Great to have everything behind glass doors. Your collection is so awesome, I can't believe how many great piece you've scored!! I know I've see that Figgjo pattern on other pieces, but I don't recall the name. It's not from one of the bigger, well known lines, which makes it even more fun to own it! The other one is "Saga", but I guess you know that already:-) I adore the Arabia year plates, the colors are so amazing!
    I'm on a thrifting diet too... My cupboards are so full, I have to start getting rid of something if I'm to bring another piece into this house...

  3. Gorgeous piece <3 Love that mid-century simplicity of design. I am really curious to know more about the owl and cat figures (the cat is especially gorgeous; I too am a sucker for felines!) I haven't seen anything like them before - .but now I want my own!

  4. Hi,

    i read on Kitka design toronto that you were looking for a vintage scandinavian rug, and i have one scandinvian rug surplus I am willing to sell ! If you're interested, let me know your email adres (you can find me on Ebay as midcentmodlover ), i can send you some photos of the rug i have. PS: love the Figgjo Turi Market/ Lotte series : So cute*

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