Kitchen update, yet again...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

While I'm waiting for the side income to kick in from the shops, I'm busy spending all my hard earned money from my day job. That's probably the one thing I'm really good at - spending money !

Anyway after shaking things up in the living room, hall and loo, I'm back at obsessing over the kitchen...

It's like a never ending story. I've dragged my old kitchen table back up from the basement, where it had been living ever since the big kitchen update of August 2011. God, it took me about an hour to get that thing out from under all the crap I've been accumulating down there... again.

Ignore the mismatched stool situation ! I have big plans that involve the Finnish Design Shop and a certain kind of Hay chair (in white).

While I'm dreaming big about fancy chairs, I already did indulge in some (moderate) spending on the only piece of Artek I'll ever be able to afford : a Siena tray. I love everything about it - including the wax paper packaging.

Oh, in case you're wondering. That's not a raccoon tail, but rascally Woody.

The alphabet of living... Like I said, I love everything about this thing even the clever advertising.

The cats like it too... Watson and Woody arguing about who gets to sit on my tray. Woody won and Watson is not pleased.

Of course I had trouble deciding between the black and white Siena tray and the yellow and white one. I find black & white always looks incredibly stylish in other people's homes, but in the end I rarely go down that road myself. And in this case, I'm very happy with my yellow and white choice. It's so sunny and optimistic !

I love having breakfast here in the mornings. It puts a smile on my face every time :-)


  1. I looove your new tray, it's gorgeous in yellow and white. It's now officially on my wish list! Not to speak of those lovely plants and planters! What a lovely place to start your day, it would certainly put a smile on my face too:-)

  2. Adorable tray! I am completely envious of all that sunlight, what a bright and cheery space.

  3. All my thrifty treasures are locked away in the storage shed awaiting our big push north. Glad I can come over here for a vintage fix.

  4. I'm in love with all the plants....and the finel bowl....and the tray....and the cats :)

  5. ich finde, der weiße hocker passt PERFEKT zum weißen tisch! so ein schöner stilbruch! ich würde nichts verändern! außer natürlich den anderen (hellhölzernen) entfernen,...


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