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Thursday, 19 July 2012

I'm on a roll ! 

Ebay roll that is. Success has been achieved. And my bank account has been bailed out. Not in the hundreds of millions like most European banks and/or countries, but still enough that I could reinvest part of my gains into some new thrift without feeling too much guilt - and still put enough aside to pay some big upcoming bills. Like house taxes. Grrrrr.

So here you have Watson modelling my latest acquisition. Much like this witty lady, I've been focusing a lot on the bedroom lately. But more about that later. 
I'm particularly happy about this purchase as I've been on the lookout for a 50s "cocktail" chair for a long time, probably ever since I saw T's cream one about ten years ago. Unfortunately these little chairs now tend to sell around the 100 eur mark. And I'm afraid this one was no exception. But since my budget wasn't too tight, I gladly coughed up 115 eur for the chair (justifying the additional 15 eur because of its lovely curved armrests) and an additional 20 eur for delivery.

The entire corner. Actually the only new things are the chair and the big plant (a totally reasonable Ikea find !). The rest is all stuff I already owned and rearranged in a new way.


  1. I have the same kind of chair in my bedroom ( I was lucky enough to find it on a flea market for 5€ (!!!). Unfortunately, my cats like him as a scratcher as take good care of yours!

    1. 5 eur ! What a find ! I know my 135 where a total indulgence... I'm thinking of sanding the feet and armrests of mine. I like the light wood on yours.
      And God, yes the bloody cats. I've had my chair for less than 24h and they've already started to pull up the fabric... Bastards ! I've doused the chair in cat stop spray and that seems to keep them in check... for now...

  2. It looks fantastic! Love this room!

  3. pretty chair! i'm looking for one like this for my living room, but i don't wanna pay much, cause my cats like to destroy....

  4. been LOVING your blog these last few months. i can't figure out how to contact you privately, so I'll just have to leave a comment here. flyin to Belgium (from Dublin) next week (for 4 days) with my mum. i just bought my first house a couple months ago...any recommendations for shops/markets in Brussels or Bruges?

    1. Hello,
      Indeed I never linked this blog to an email etc. I prefer to keep my anonymity :-)
      Ok recommendations... Definitely the Brussels Flea market (on Place du Jeu de Balle) which is held every morning (7 / 7) from really really early to about 1.00 pm.
      There's some really nice vintage shops in Rue des Chartreux (in downtown Brussels, near Grand' Place) and a lot of (pricey) designer shops in that whole area (rue Antoine Dansaert).
      My current favourite vintage shop is "Le Riche Clair" at 17 rue des Riches Claires (1000 Brussels) - all in the same area.
      And be sure to have a drink at "Floréo café" right next door. Also my favourite downtown hangout (lovely vintage decor and music :-)
      Have a nice trip and enjoy your shopping !

  5. Merci beaucoup! We'll prob only be in Brussels for one day, but will try to hit up as many of these places as is humanly well as some of the charity shops, if we can find 'em! Thanks so much, and I'll be sure to let you know if we come across any lovely finds!! Can't wait for the sun and beer and chocolate, most of all :-)


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