Spring ! I'm ready

Saturday, 2 April 2011

And so is June !

Spring is finally in the air. And this time around, I'm in the starting blocks to make the most of it. I've been a busy bee; cleaning, rearranging and planting up my little rear balcony.

The herb 'garden'. My trusted parsley, rosemary and oregano (at the end) made it through winter once again. They're in good company with some lovely daffodils. And soon (I hope), they will be joined by chives and garlic chives, which I've sown just today (in that empty-looking container).

I used to have a honeysuckle in this corner, but it never did very well. It's now living in a friend's garden where I'm sure it will be much happier. Instead of the crippled honeysuckle, I decided to give a climbing hydrangea a chance. I chose a variety that is not too invasive, so it should normally thrive in a container. So far, it seems to be doing very well !

Last year, I went for only plants out here and got rid of my table and chairs. This season, I'm definitely planning to spend much more time out here. Thus the reappearance of some seating.

I'm attempting a little Ikea upcycling, as this bench is part of the famous Molger bathroom range. I'll let you know how it holds up to outside weather conditions. This is basically a free experiment - I already had one in my possession, but ever since it got banned from my living room (once upon a time, this bench used to hold my old hi-fi), it was just collecting dust in the cellar. It's the perfect size for my tiny terrace, so I thought it would give it a try.

Throw some Ikea seat cushions on it, and - pouf! - instant outdoor seating.

Like I said, June is already having a good time :-)

What about you guys ? Did you get to enjoy some sunshine yet ? What are you doing with your outdoor spaces ?


  1. what an adorable garden, and even more adorable cat. meow!

  2. Bianca - Thank you ! I just had a look at your amazing blog. I don't know where to start : I love your bright red strawberry planter - the one with all the succulents, your cats (of course ;-), your awesome thrift finds (one day, I will NEED to visit California - with a shipping container in tow), the beautiful weather...

  3. Your balcony is so sweet - but not as sweet as the cat ;-). I like!

  4. My balcony is currently a zone of shame: dead plants in planters, flower pots all over the place, stuff that needs to go to the dump...not pretty. I am going to tackle it soon.


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