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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ikea Jorun rug - 149 eur.

Ebay wardrobe - 25 eur. I love the attention to detail of this 1950's design - curved sides and slightly concave body.

Thank you Meubles Collard for this beautiful addition to my bedroom. Modern and stylish ! I could not agree more.

Some changes have already happened since the last photo shoot ten days ago...

Italian art vase - 10 gbp. A souvenir from Fountain Antiques in Honiton. Works perfectly as a pencil holder and together with the Scheurich planter.

More high street buys. Habitat Tommy desk lamp (19 eur) and Ikea Cilla seat cushion (3.99 eur). Obviously the cushion is supposed to be for the cats, so they stop begging to climb on my lap when I'm sitting at the desk. June thinks it's the perfect tail rest...

50s bedroom chair - 8 gbp at the Marsh Barton car boot. I was so surpised by the low asking price that I didn't even try to haggle...

And with an old crochet cushion I had stowed away.

The thrift gods where definitely conspiring to further style up my bedroom.


  1. I love your photos, as always - keep up the good blogging!

  2. Saw your photos on flickr in the vintage decorating group ~ love all your mid century stuff. That wardrobe is sick for 25 euro! (ok what is that translated to $?) Love the wall, love the bookcase/cabinet. So much fun.

  3. Hello Heidi. Thanks for coming over from Flickr and for commenting! Yeah, about the wardrobe, I still can't believe my luck. It's a perfect fit ! And for 35$ (that's what 25 euro translates into :-), well worth a few troubles. Dismantling, transporting and then rebuilding this thing, was pretty hard work...


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