White Collection

Sunday, 2 January 2011

What a difference a little daylight makes !

I promised a better glimpse at my white vases, and Mother Nature delivered.

Not a massive collection... yet. The two round ones I think I never blogged about, even though I did post some photos on my Flickr page (here, here and here). They are Kaiser porcelain, marked and signed by M. Frey.

A little more detail of the very delicate pattern.

And on a totally unrelated note, the plant certainly needs a "haircut". It's going all hippie on me.

Now the big, tall fella is part of my most recent thrift haul. It's a Royal Porzellan Bavaria KPM vase, 34 cm high and at only 6 eur a very welcome addition to my evergrowing stash of West German ceramics.

Like the others, this one isn't glazed either (at least not on the outside). And I love the rough texture. Reminds me a little bit of cookie dough. Yum.

A bit of a wider view. Maybe I'll eventually achieve a faboulous monochrome decor à la Brick House or Kitka Design Toronto ? But somehow I doubt that. And in any case, I'm already very proud to have matched the stereo with the vases and some of the artwork. Ha !

Note to self though : I definitely need to tackle the "vignetting" on the upper shelves.

And finally a little to-do to wrap this post up. This one reminds me that I really need to hang my She & Him poster. Why is it still leaning on the shelf ? God only knows.

And dude, the coffee table ? How long have I been meaning to refurbish it ? Probably since I first got it in 2006, almost 5 years ago...


  1. Gorgeous! Love the She & Him poster too

  2. Thank you Rachel Kay ! I got the She & Him poster (and the other two already up on the wall) from The Small Stakes Poster Shop - in case you would like to have one for yourself :-)

  3. love all the plants. they look happy.

  4. Hi I new on your blog and so happy I found it! great source of inspiration. I'd like more informations about your bookshelf please (not the Tomado!). Thank you and congrats for your beatifull job.


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