Front balcony update

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

So far, so good.

Let me just tell you this much - the cats and I are enjoying ourselves on the balcony this year. And the flowers and veggies seem to be doing fine as well.

No 'modern' landscaping for me though, the key word here is 'English garden'.

The notion of only having gravel, geometric shapes and maybe some bamboo or grasses in an outdoor space is totally ridiculous in my eyes. Why do people even bother having a garden, when all they do is slap more concrete on it ? Leave the garden-apartments for me then. I'll show you how it's done !


  1. mmm...pourquoi c'est écris anonymous! Il dois y avoir un trouble avec mon compte blog. Anyway, c'est emilie :-)

  2. ;-) Emilie. Je me suis dis la même chose - cette année je fais le plein de fleurs et de légumes. J'ai même balancé la petite table et les 2 chaises pour faire plus de place pour les plantes...


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