Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Little announcement - the Fat Cat blog is officially moving into the 21st century. I am now photostreaming on Flickr with all the other cat nerds and design obsessed loonies.

You can also find a fancy schmancy link to my Flickr page at the right bottom side of this blog.

But today is also a sad day for all Scandinavian design addicts - Katja and Minna over at Nestled In have decided to move on to new projects and they will be closing their beautiful blog. You will be missed guys - I used to check in on you daily and loved to read your thoughtful texts and uh and ah at all your gorgeous photos. You were also my favourite source for Etsy finds. I am off to browse your archives while I still can :-) Au revoir and take care Nestled In !


  1. Great! More photos for me to browse through on flickr! :)

    I didn't realise Nestled In was ending, such a shame :(


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