Friday, 18 December 2009

Hehe, I got my first ever comment for yesterday's post. From a lovely lady in Dublin no less - I wonder how she came across this blog ? I have sent the link to various friends and family members, but they have all been useless so far when it comes to commenting... Pffffffff.

Anyway, I thought this called for a celebration ! So to spread some good old Christmas and winter cheer, here are some photos of Brussels' Cinquantenaire Parc in yesterday's snow storm.

Winter I love you !


  1. Beautiful pictures! stumbled on your blog from the "buy Handmade" page. Your apartment looks lovely too - most apartments here in Toronto are plain boxes in highrises... ho hum...
    Keep it up, Alice

  2. Thanks very much Alice !
    Although after reading the Kitka Design Toronto blog, I was under the impression that Canadians have fabulous taste when it comes to decorating :-)

  3. ahhh, snow! we dont get a lot of snow here in los angeles. just stumbled upon your blog.

    david john
    los angeles


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