Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ok, I promised some photos of the living room project some while ago. So here is a first batch.

There is this incredibly ugly fireplace in the corner of the living room. Or should I say faux-fireplace ? Yes, that's right the whole thing is purely decorative. That is if you find a bourgeois 1950's imitation of 19th century marble fireplaces to be decorative.

Not only is this thing an absolute monstrosity, it is also in the most unlikely place - a corner ! I suspect it's some genius architect solution for hiding the fact that the angle of that corner is not at 90°. Yep, that's right the outside wall of my living room (and bedroom !) is actually not at a right angle, but sloping outwards...

I wish I could just demolish the whole thing. But that would mean some major effort - and work rebuilding the walls. So inspired by this post and this one, I thought I give painting a try...

Before, in its full horror and yucky beige colour. And please ignore my pathetic attempt at "vignetting". I totally suck.

Close-up for your viewing delight.

Another close-up at the brick interior. And my Advent decoration.

Mini demolition. So satisfying. I found this mini crowbar in my Dad's toolbox and thought I'd get rid of the stupid blazon. I was hoping it was just glued on and would just pop off, but of course the stupid thing was hanging on real tightly... So I ended up bashing away at it. And since it was only made of plaster, I won of course...

Blazon destroyed and sanded down. As it turned out the fireplace is made of light brown concrete - which is actualy quite nice. The darker brown stains are rests of 50 year old glue. Beurk.

Work in progress. I painted the whole thing in bright white (The Little Greene - Shirting) and the interior is going to be in black. It looks really shiny, but that is only because the paint is still wet. I chose another The Little Green shade - Jack Black in a matt finish.

One more close-up. Just to emphasise the before and after effect.
More pics of the final result to come...


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