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Monday, 28 September 2009

My all time favourite mind and list making game is "what is there still to do in the appartment?"

Currently on this list and on my mind:

Office area:

- to move or not to move (to the living room) ?
- find a fabulously stylish mid-century modern desk - preferably under EUR 500 !
- get on top of the cable disaster - must look into wireless solutions
- in an ideal world, purchase fabulous Mac - maybe even go portable (definitely one way of getting rid of some of the dust-collecting, cat hair-attracting cables)

Living room:

- still no clue in what colour, but anything would be better than the current situation
- go for all white walls - like the Brick House ?
- maybe one wall in Russian Blue ?
- or wallpaper maybe ? I could finally indulge in my long lasting fancy for the Cole & Son palm leaves...
- get on top of constant mess
- find a fabulously stylish mid-century modern sideboard - preferably under EUR 500 !
- install Danish PH-5 type Pendant Lamp thrifted during Berlin vacation
- cowhide rug maybe ?
- pimp up the sofa with newly acquired 50's cushions and maybe get some Ikea sheepskins ? The cats would surely dig those...


- if moving desk to living room, install reading nook ?
- find an acceptable bedframe
- maybe the new Ikea Engan one ? Make note to check that one out during next Big Blue and Yellow visit
- hang art


- in white ? Or in green ?
- but where do I find my dream green ?
- change accessories to a wood, green and white scheme ?


- in green ?
- find a more stylish solution for the black plastic wormery
- have sputnik lamp re-wired and finally put up (only bought on ebay like two years ago)


- Or wallpaper ? Hhmmm, in Cole & Son woods ?

All over - and once I win the lottery...

- install double glazing
- change floors to something decent - cork, linoleum...

Ok, now I only need like a million bucks and stay at home to get it all done.



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