Thursday, 13 August 2009

My external hard disk is dead. Or more precisely Charlie killed it ! He knocked it over and it did not survive the fall. May it rest in peace !

Now you are probably wondering why I would start a design blog with some mad ranting about IT hardware ? Precisely because it got me started on this project.
Let me explain – said hard disk contained my fabulous collection of American TV series. So now instead of spending my evenings downloading some US rubbish - and watching it - I will keep this journal.

Inspired by my hero
The Brick House, I also want to record my ‘progress’ to fabulous mid-century modern living. Although obviously more Euro or Belgium – or even “Brusseleir” – centric. Sadly enough the Brick House’s favourite thrifting source - craigslist - is not very useful here in Brussels – unless you are interested in some guys publishing photos of their dicks… but that it another story altogether, and thrifting in the capital of Europe must thus go on without this US favourite.

Keen observers will also have noted that I am deliberately dropping the Brick House’s under 100 USD purchase rule. 100 USD how much is that even in EUR ? According to me, not nearly enough to find any mid-century furniture in any of Brussels thrift stores or flea markets!

But my budget being as it is – very tight – and my credit card being as it is – chronically maxed out – I vow to do my utmost to keep costs down. My policy will be more one of “coup de coeur” – if I REALLY fall in love with something then I am willing to pay the price…


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